Medical Mask

  • Our medical mask covers the wearer’s mouth and nose to prevent the transmission of airborne particles and liquid contamination.
  • For high protection, the medical face mask consists of 3 layers of non-woven fabric to prevent the transfer of ≥ 99% of pathogens while allowing free breathing.
  • The flexible material makes the face mask easy to adjust and comfortable for those wearing glasses or goggles.
  • Our medical masks meet EU standards and are certified for use in the medical field.



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MOQ: 50 pcs

Packaging: 50 pcs/box | 40 boxes/carton

Size (in cms) : 55 x 42 x 38.5 | 8 kg

Delivery details: 1 weeks | DDP Germany / US

Price: Please contact us for more details.

Payment terms: Please contact us for more details.